Roger Fischer Films

Production / Release Date: 2017

“And when he gets to heaven, to St. Peter he will tell; one more soldier reporting, sir, I've served my time in hell.” James A. Donahue It is said that smell is the strongest form of memory. To some it’s perfume of a loved one, to others the smell of a home cooked meal. To David Carson, it’s the smell of gunpowder fresh from a rifle. Our story starts in the present as an old David Carson sits alone in his house watching TV. Sitting on top of the mantle is a wooden box with runes and symbols carved into it. Fixated on this box David breaks the silence only through short effortful breaths. Since as far back as he can remember David Carson has always been at war. From fighting off bullies at an early age to trading blows with his alcoholic father. Riddled with constant battles against seemingly endless foes David found himself on the ropes literally. As thoughts of the noose darkened his outlook, a glimmer of hope caught his eye. With a sudden twist of fate Carrie the love of his life entered into his life and gave it purpose. Filled with a new meaning to his life, the two of them forged a way together turning life's challenges wonderful opportunities.. However, everything must come to end and some ends come sooner rather than later. It is not long before a letter arrives at their doorstep informing them that Carson is drafted to serve in Vietnam. Thrown once more into the hell of war Carson finds himself not so much as scared but home again. His success in battle lands him the position of lieutenant and it is not before he adorns a reputation for being one of the survivors. But is his success owed solely to his uncanny survival instincts, sheer luck, or is there more to him than meets the eye. There's only so many times one can dodge death's embrace and not raise a couple eyebrows. It is here in the jungles of Vietnam where David discovers the greatest mystery of his life. Surrounded by a seemingly endless onslaught of Vietcong David finds himself doing the only thing he can praying for the strength not just to survive but to kill every last one. Here in the dense foliage, in this time of need he stumbles upon an ancient demon offering a pact. He would be granted strength beyond his imagination but at the cost of a heavy price. A life for a life the demon poses, a fair exchange given David’s situation. Faced with death an image of Carrie comes to his mind and the answer becomes clear. Having agreed to the terms he is filled with a savage rage and becomes an instrument of the demon itself slaughtering all who cross his path. Finally the demons rage is sated and David makes his way back to his camp a haze and confusion instead f the rage he just felt not long ago. Combined with the aide of the demon David is able to survive the nightmare that is Vietnam. Upon arriving back at the states Carson is able to reunite with Carrie and again finds a small measure of peace. Realizing her significance in his life David decides to propose and make the love of his life his bride to be. Sadly, the pact of the demon interferes and David loses consciousness. When he comes to his senses, he is confronted with an image straight out of a horror scene. Blood and viscera litter the place where his future fiancé once stood. Forced to come to grips with his dilemma David realizes that some bargains come at to heavy a price. Romance, action, horror, and mystery all come together in this tale as David is forced to live with the ramifications of his actions. How far can he out run his inner demons and how much ground does he give with each moment of weakness?

Script Writers:

Roger Fischer
Michael Hoffman
Javior Del Riego

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