Roger Fischer Films

John “The Butcher” Branson earned his nickname and his respect on the streets of NYC serving
as the Mafia’s most coveted hitman. However due to his German background The Butcher
couldn’t kill his way into becoming one of the prized “Made Man” no matter how many layers of
blood coated his hands. Even with this setback his employers appreciated his dedication to his
craft enough to trust him with illegal gambling rings giving him the title of an “earner”. His rise
through the ranks caught the eyes of many, in particular FBI agent Gene Ignero. Fueled with the
desire to watch the money pile up before his eyes The Butcher cleaved his way too deep and
found himself face to face with Agent Ignero and 12 counts of murder and illegal gambling. It
was here that The Butcher’s clients came through reducing his sentence to only 8 years in federal prison in USP Allenwood instead of in a small cell for life. Shamed by the verdict and furious with heinous trial Agent Gene Ignero is making sure that The Butcher isn’t the only one counting the days until his release.
Eduardo “Eddie” Jaramillo was born in Medellin Colombia and strives to follow in the giant
footsteps of his father, Ricardo Jaramillo (the right hand of Pablo Escobar). Driven by the desire
to surpass his father and make a name on his own Eddie savagely built a reputation amongst the
Cartel for cutting down anyone who dared cross him regardless of their alleged rank. These
ruthless killings and massive drug trades led a trail of cocaine and blood right to his door.
Following the trail and also driven by the desire to prove herself in a field of complacent officers
DEA Agent Ariana Pagliery set out and arrested Eddie for smuggling 50 million dollars of
cocaine, murder, and tax evasion. For this DEA agent however, this case was personal. Eddie
carelessly murdered Pagliery’s husband and child in their own home. Enraged by the loss of her
family Pagliery showed Eddie exactly what police brutality means and how all the power in the
world won’t save you from a mother’s wrath. It was all text book from there, or so Pagliery
thought, Eddie easily beat all charges except tax evasion sending him to 8 years in USP
Allenwood Prison. Disappointed and let down Pagliery realized at that moment there was only one way to deal with someone that deep in the corrupted world of power that is the Cartel. She only needed to wait 8 years. Wait and plot.
As fate would have it the two criminal master minds would share a room together. Impressed by
each other’s reputation, both for violence and cunning, the two befriended each other and begin
discussing their future steps. Seeing promise and money in not only the drug trafficking in
Miami, but in each other, the two join forces and decide to take the city by storm. Released from
prison before John, Eddie makes his way into Miami preparing his crew for the arrival of their
New York partner. Eddie covers his bases and gets “La Fantasma” (The Ghost) to approve of
John’s partnership. La Fantasma, a woman so powerful that seeing is equated to seeing the face
of death itself, reminds Eddie of where he gets his “power” from and how dangerous the water
he finds himself in is.
Made known to him by an informant in the prison FBI Agent Ignero is made aware of the two
criminal’s new found comradery and sees trouble in the near future. Upon John’s release Ignero
makes plans to track him down at a distance and bust John once and for all. It is here where he
meets agent Pagliery. The two decide to team up together to bring these two titans of the
underground out of commission for good.
Given the greenlight by La Fantasma, Eddie and John begin to make their moves in the city the
only way they can: taking out those unfortunate enough to have wronged La Fantasma. Due to
his fame in NY John has to find a way to keep the Mafia in the dark about his plans as he knows
they will find a way to control him. He decides to hit the mob as hard as he knows how in it’s
wallet. John knows that Miami is home to the mob’s major money launder in Florida, a man by
the name of Jimmy “the Jew” Bernstein. While John begins to target the demons in his past
Eddie is left in control of the current tasks at hand. Eddie begins making harsh and rash decisions altering the lives of many of his crew members which now encompass those of John’s posse as well. Appalled by the radical change in leadership tensions begin to rise amongst the gang sparking many internal casualties and deaths. To make matters worse Eddie’s half-sister starts to fall for one of the drug smugglers causing Eddie, who is already over protective, to place a stronger vice on his men and those he works with. The tensions escalate as John returns to find his regime splitting at the seams. John reminds Eddie of their situation the pressure the outside world has placed on them from La Fantasma to Parole officer, and to a pair of overzealous agents steeped in anticipation to see them behind bars or worse. Paralleling their prey the two agents begin to disagree as tension grows higher. Each day that passes is another day of violent killings reminding the two of their past and now current failures. Reliving the death of her family Pagliery cracks and shows Ignero how far she is willing to go to make sure these two are removed from the picture for good. The two begin to fall apart as Ignero tries to show Pagliery that becoming a murderer is not the only way to beat one. Obstacles come forth to both parties both externally and internally. The agencies try to force their officers to stop embarrassing themselves and their companies. The Cartel enforcers start applying pressure and expect to see results, not a group of chaos and discord. With both sides losing multiple battles and respect neither can afford to lose the final war between four familiar faces with scores to settle.
Riddled with bullets, violence, power, and passion how far will someone go to get what they
want and how many bodies will be buried before they achieve it?