Roger Fischer Films

Roger Fischer began a career in the entertainment industry, immediately, after developing a high fashion driven apparel e-commerce company, focusing exclusively on the men’s and women’s footwear industry working in unison with Nike and Timberland.  Roger, successfully, packaged the company for acquisition and sold his interest in the company to one of the larger E-commerce competitors. One of the closing deal points finalizing the e- commerce company transaction was Roger’s acceptance to sign a ten year non-compete agreement.  It was at this point that Roger initiated his career in entertainment production. Roger, then, started “Regulate Entertainment” a record label representing multiple music artists based in the North-Eastern region of the United States.  

Roger’s responsibilities involved discovering new talent, selecting the songs for the artist records for an album, ensuring that recording projects stay on budget and scheduling studio musicians for recording sessions. He continued working directly with artists in recording studios to identify the consumer demand and current music trends. After producing a series of music videos, Roger began focusing his attention on feature film production and Roger Fischer films Inc. was established. 

 Currently, Roger has several projects in various stages of development. Notable Joint venture film projects include: World Entertainment Holdings LLC, a company established between Roger Fischer Films Inc. and Alpha Beta films, Inc. owned and operated by Award winning and Legendary Film  Director/Producer David Winters. 

World entertainment holdings LLC.  is engaged in the business of financing entertainment based properties.  Roger’s responsibilities include the development of a new media technology based delivery platform with Super Cloud Inc. This new media is a browser-based system which delivers live linear multi-channel TV 24/7 to any wireless or internet connected mobile device, packaging of a motion picture film library, consisting of fifty finished, completed films that will be made available for acquisition, and a wide array of global television licensing opportunities. Pegasus Entertainment an international co production company where Roger is creative executive in charge and working together with the SE Asian film commission on behalf of the government of Thailand to increase the countries exposure to new western media, film technology finding source material which can be turned into motion picture content, decrease overall production costed for united states based production companies by utilizing foreign tax credits and subsides. Five Knights productions LLC where Roger’s responsibilities include: the acquisition of a Miami based television studio for the purpose of producing a series of reality television programs that will be aired on one of the major television cable networks such A&E, Bravo, TLC.  Most recently Roger has accepted a 3 year -contract with Bongiovi Global Media working, directly, with legendary record producer Tony Bongiovi, the creator of the Bon- Jovi band and founder of world renown recording studio Power Station Studios. Roger’s responsibilities will be the studio executive in charge of setting a series of radio stations in 25 cities for the purpose of rolling out and market testing new music artists/bands.  Roger’s core business model is the production of feature films as a talented and up-and-coming motion picture film director winning multiple awards at several international film festival. The Holding company, Roger Fischer films,Inc  will continue to explore the expression of creativity through new and developing technology in the media industry.