Roger Fischer Films


HillBilLee Country
 If you've ever been on a cross-country trip with a truck full of southern boys, you know better than to miss out on this side-splitting chaos of HillBilLee Country. If you've never had the pleasure of making such a journey, get ready for the ride of your life with Hill, Bill, Lee, and Country, masters of mayhem with rugged redneck charm.
Hilton Bernstien, better known as "Hill" by neighbors, reunites with his three best friends in his old hometown after having left suddenly twenty years before to travel to the wedding ceremony of another childhood acquaintance of theirs.  Upon returning, Hill discovers what we all know and love about small towns - some things have changed (little country girls have grown up into women and cranky, elderly women have become more cranky and elderly) but much has stayed the same (the ridiculous squabbles his friends manage to get themselves into, the reverence of Southern icons like Jack Daniels and Elvis Presley.

As the men embark on their journey they seem to pick up right where they left off, the perfect combination of profoundness and pranks ensue, creating for the audience an instant affinity for and attachment to these unforgettable characters.  The messes these good ol' boys find themselves in speak of their forever youthfulness while also showing how life and circumstance have forced them to do some growing up over the years.  One thing's for sure to remain the same though, these boys are always good for a laugh and hitching a ride with them in HillBilLee Country will leave you breathless with laughter too.